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Hazel English "Nine Stories"

Robert Rackley
Robert Rackley
1 min read
Hazel English photo.

This is definitely the most playful music video I've seen in some time. You have Hazel English, mostly dressed like a school girl from a private prep school, goofing around in fountains, reading in the grass, and well, attending school. The song exudes a twee charm with a suitable theme about crushing on someone and following them around like a puppy dog. I love the urgency in the guitar solo that closes out the song. It’s like shaking up a bottle of soda pop (soda for those in the East Coast and pop for those in the Midwest) and then opening it up to a carbonated explosion that sends the beverage everywhere.

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Robert Rackley

Orthodox Christian, aspiring minimalist, inveterate notetaker, software dev manager and paper airplane mechanic.

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