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World Building

The Spirit of Chaos

The Same Kingdom

Rural Juror

Organs With Memories

Bluesky Moderation

Readwise Reader

Game of Thrones Media

The Revolution Will Be Photocopied

Stone Tape Theory

Gold Soundz

Hopscotch 2024


Fractal Design Personal Computers

The Drunken Monk

California Afternoons

A Joyous Minority

Condor Sparks

High Fidelity

Babyland General

iA Writer Loves Dropbox Again

Live Nation Breakup

Shorter Posts

Notes From A Quiet Life

Into The Realm

Love Child (Never Meant To Be)

Space Vacation

Your Analyst Was A Placekicker For The Falcons

The City We Forgot To Name

Substack Lock-In

Borderline Savings Time

Sharing Is Caring

Oh Spotify, All Is Forgiven

We’re Big Pants People Again

The Value of Asceticism

Warrior Savior

Community Versus The Individual

What We Do Now



Parallel Play

More Dragons

Compelled Speech

Dunk or Be Dunked

Blessings Unbound

Your Own Library Cards

The Matter At Hand

The New Aggregators

Blame Me

Maybe You Do Need Content Moderation


Iowa, You’ve Got So Much To Answer For

Shrinking Podcast Numbers

Pitchfork Scales Back

The Darkness of AI

Year of the Dragon

Going After Spotify

It’s Not The Economy

Sacred Time

Connection vs. Isolation


All Over By Xmas


Hotline TNT - Protocol

Nevermind The Mainstream

The Gospel In Suburbia

Staying Put

The Great Wave

The Death of Physical Media

Dark Patterns

Pardon The Intrusion

Too Close To Real

Suburban Solutions

Ubiquitous Therapy

The AI Poison Pill

State Of The Social

Thinking Orthodox

Slow To Speak

A New Listening Experience

Bury Your Credit Card

Disappointment and Modernity

The Exercise of Humility

Sonic Economics

Karaoke Night

Doomsday Blockbusters

Matter Podcasts Integration

Bandcamp Divestiture

Ban This

No War For Heavy Metal (Outcore)

Time To Make The Donuts

May They Persevere

Echelon Your Dreams And They’ll Come True

Useful Constraints

Natural Ones

Link Rot

Cinema vs. Church

Rat Girl Summer

Listening Party

No Country for Rich Men North of Richmond

Star Wars Official

She’s So Unusual


Proprietary Media

Toys of Promise

Bluesky Blue

🎵 Brave Men Run

Minimalism At Home

Vonal Declosion

In Decay Too

Near-Death Experiences

Age of Enlightenment

Keep It To Yourself

The Heavenly Option

family polaroid

Unravel Two

🎵 New Beginning

🎵 Romantic Piano

Road To Knowhere

Doctrine of the Mean

The Prescience of Seinfeld

That’s So Meta

Tangled in Semantics

The Legend of Zelda Gets An Update

Andor Season 2 in Jeopardy



A Christian Socialism

Getting People On Mastodon

I’m Still Uncomfortable With Amazon

A Soft Revolution In Social Media

Bedroom Velocity

Opposites Attract

Read More

Choosing Defaults

I Don’t Wanna Be Too Cool

Keep Them Out

Rise Above

Fine-Tuning Your Blog

Parasocial Fans

NPR Signs Off Twitter

Rock Can’t Last Forever

QA Attitude

Real Life


Here’s To Shutting Up

Prayer Shaming

Flux Observer

Picking Up Reading

Tumbling Downhill

Soarin’ Kierkegaard (At Long Last)

Metaphysical Graffiti

Under A Weighted Blanket

The Process of Debranding


My Cousin, My Friend

The Sweetest Setup

Erasing Plastic

Socializing the Apolitical

Therapy-Speak Without the Lessons Of Therapy

Ring of Past

American Shoegaze

Marlboro Man

The Skatepark In Palestine

All In Focus

Not My Twitter

All The Way Back

Last Known Good

Rock and Roll As Youth Culture

Coming Up Short

The Power of Ceremony

Backwards Hallelujah

Parenting With Music

The Best Words I Wrote In 2022

Being Wrong in 2023

A Defense of Video Games

No Roof No Floor

Bullet Journaling in 2023

Is Live Music Dying?

Riding the Mastodon

Inner World Peace

The Inessentials of 2022

Christmas Eve Revelation


Pierce The Veil Where It’s Thinnest

News Blues

It’s Christmas Now

Just Browsing

Dark Mode

Is Mastodon Really The Spiritual Successor To Twitter?

Rooted In Place

Living Together

Junca De Sol Andromeda

It's a Different Libby

Community in Technology

Rage Against

When You Sleep

This Time, I’m Out

Predicted Collapse

You’re Killing Me

Star Wars: An Epic Poem

The Creator Of Mastodon Is Running On Fumes

Ignoring The Big Fish In The Room

The Ghost of Jehovah

It’s Been A Privilege

The Twitter Snap

Everything Is Awesome

I Quickly Eat My Words

Text Manipulation

Many People Are Saying…

The Spawn of The Daily Show

🎵 Matthew 7:7

The Jedi Monastics

Woodstock ’99

Comics Con

Personal Blogging Has Moved To YouTube

I Would Die 4 You

The Future Is An Insult

Sophists and Frost Giants

Social Networks For Kids

Billie Toppy

Blogging As Self-Care

Andor Depicts War Amongst The Stars

The Graying Of The Fun Crowd

True Mathematics

Snickers Skate

Freestyle Fever

Found Guilty and Sentenced to Use a Dell Monitor

Culture Wars Come To Middle Earth

Giving Up The Ghost

Markdown Language Server In VS Code

Pat's Trick

Obsidian Dragonglass

Amor Fati

Institutions Absorb Anxiety

Skateboard Hooligans

Typing As Music

🎵 Cannonball

Where It Comes From

Minimal Mac

Engaging Your Readers

The Radiant Citadel


Hyper-capitalism vs. the World


Browser Choice on Mobile

🎵 The Finest Hour - Polvo

Orthodox Christianity, The Far Right and the Green-Eyed Christ

Less Is More

The Twitter Corps

The Upside Down

Yndling “Like Love Is Real”

The Gift Of Presence

The Rise and Fall of Tumblr

The Political Lawyer

Thich Nhat Hahn

Tatooine Under New Management

Repairing the Cracks (kintsugi style)

Spectres "Northern Towns"

Hazel English "Nine Stories"

Photography Needs to be Fun

Asymmetric Possibilies

Work Drugs "Nervous Night"

Hub and Spoke

Bathe Alone "Limbo"

Inoculation Station

Capture + Find (+ Publish)

Star Wars Wallpapers

A Tweet As A Writing Prompt

Weezer "Take On Me"

Everyday Radicalism

MUNYA "Voyage"

Hammock - Elsewhere

Colatura "The Met"

Social Media Sabbatical

Common Sense Violence

Wild Nothing "A Dancing Shell"

TCD (Total Cost of Dishonesty)

Sea Green Serenade

Curators Gain A New Power

Rick Astley and the Blossoms "Well I Wonder"

You Are Not Your Own

It’s Hard To Beat Amazon

The Great Pitchfork Apology

Jenn Champion “Love Nobody”

MUNYA Voyage to Mars

What Is The Matter?

I Made This On A Mac

Frigid Stars

The Night the Darkness Revolted

Yumi Zouma "In Camera"

Ted Lasso, Season 2 (is making me blue)

Plain and Simple, Stars for Eyes

She & Him "Holiday"

Brothertiger "Arizona"

The Resemblance is Uncanny

Gimmie Indie Rock

Failure to Thrive

Worshipping 2021-09-26

Metallica Morning

Hatchie "This Enchanted"

Black Marble "Somewhere"

Personal Knowledge Management

Greg's Guitar Lessons "Start Without Me"

Duett - Leisure

The Ongoing Amazon Debate

Duchamp Goes To Afghanistan

When Is Enough?

Colatura "King Kalm"

Maybe All I Need Is A Shot In The Arm

Tough Love

The YouTube Generation

Ethical Consumerism and the Amazon Dilemma

Collecting Vinyl During A Pandemic

Music As Teenage Cultural Capital

Hallucinagenic Antidepressants

Star Wars Plot Holes

Grayscale Phone

Prayers Over Facebook

Spotify Versus the Ages

A Way To Buy Nothing

Keeping Your Composure

Female Leads

Nandi Bushell "Where Is My Mind"

Time To Edit

Medium Level Chaos

Beyond the Beyond

Catholic Black Metal

Memento Mori

Mozilla Has All The Cookies

Link Blogging

Batman '89

Fear and Loathing In These United States

Romeo and Juliet

Bandcamp Versus Spotify

A Temple Made of Air

The Luddite Versus The Technologist

These Important Years

Dying to Self

Transforming Disgust

A Fresh Coat of Paint

Inside the Gallery

The Noise That I Loved Best

Iconography 2021

Encase My Heart In Amber (or at least plastic)

Media Scarcity in a Time of Entertainment Abundance

We Rented The Night Sky

Doctrine and Grace

A Continuing Odyssey

Gender is Not a Genre

Looking Abroad For Inspiration and Not Trusting Rich People

Facebook Deplatforming

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