Organs With Memories

Science Alert reports on the phenomenon of organ transplant recipients receiving some of the donor’s memories and personality traits along with their organs.

Other transplant recipients say they developed new tastes for food, art, sex, or careers following their surgeries. Some even claim to have new memories” implanted.

Take the anonymous case of a 56-year-old college professor, who received the heart of a police officer killed by a gunshot to the face. A few weeks after the transplant, the recipient said they had dreams of a flash of light right in my face… Just before that time, I would get a glimpse of Jesus.”

That’s exactly how Carl died,” the donor’s wife told researchers. She said the main suspect looks sort of like some of the pictures of Jesus.”

A couple of months ago, we had a family education night at church where we discussed bioethical issues as they apply to Orthodox Christianity. One subject discussed was organ transplantation. The Orthodox view that the body and the soul are inextricably linked runs directly counter to the neo-gnostic transhumanism that seems to have captured the imaginations of so many people recently. The notion that parts of the body could carry bits of the soul seems like a sort of validation of the Orthodox view of the human creation.

If these symptoms can be directly linked to organ transplants, perhaps that means our sense of self’ is contained in every cell of our bodies, not just one or two organs.

The human creation as a whole is an idea that needs to come back into fashion.

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