Bluesky Moderation

Thorin Klosowski has an explainer for the Electronic Frontier Foundation about moderation and customized algorithmic feeds for the Bluesky social network.

Phew, if that all felt a little overwhelming, that’s because it is. Sure, many people can sign up for Bluesky and never touch any of this stuff, but for those who want a safe, customizable experience, the whole thing feels a bit too crunchy in its current state. And while this sort of empowerment for users, which gives so many levers to control the content, is great, it’s also a lot. The good news is that Bluesky’s defaults are currently good enough to get started. But one of the benefits of community-based moderation like we see on Mastodon or certain Subreddits, is that volunteers do a lot of this heavy lifting for everyone. AT Protocol is still new however, and perhaps as more developers shape its future through new tools and services, these difficulties will be eased.

I sympathize with the idea that, while Bluesky has some clearly interesting ideas in the area of curating your personal feed, it all seems a bit complex. I also look forward to the network both expanding beyond its current technical challenges and its limited (and homogenous) user base.


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