Fractal Design Personal Computers

I feel good expanding the PC acronym to personal computers when referring to the cases that are made by Fractal Design. Fractal has a sort of bespoke mid-century modern aesthetic that I’ve seen a million times, but never in a PC design. I mean, I like Apple computers, but Apple hasn’t significantly changed their desktop designs in years. So seeing these PC cases was a revelation in what’s possible to make your desktop computer a contributing part of your home decor, rather than something you want to hide.

It would be nearly impossible for me to switch from using Apple’s ecosystem, because Windows and Linux are sorely lacking in some software categories. Try, for instance, to find a markdown writing app that can publish to a blog (aside from some hacky Obsidian add-ins) on those platforms. It’s a shame, though, becuase these builds are enormously appealing.

If you are, in the words of one Amazon commenter, Tired of cases that look like a ufo fell in a vat of radioactive skittles,” this one might be for you.

The Fractal Terra PC caseThe Fractal Terra PC case


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