A Joyous Minority

I found quite a bit of insight worth sharing in this piece by Seth Kaplan in Christianity Today. Kaplan writes about what Christians in a secularizing culture could learn from Orthodox Jews.

A Christian reader may counter that Jewish rules seem legalistic. Yes, Jewish rules are indeed commands. This is a key difference in our faiths, and Christians seem to enjoy a liberty that Jews do not. I wonder, though, if community-held constraints” would bring Christians greater freedom. Could they leave you unhindered by the burden of trying to change the majority culture and free instead to pursue joy as a flourishing minority?

I too have to wonder what would happen if Christians focused less on trying to change mainstream culture and instead tended to our own gardens. I don’t mean to imply that we should withdraw from cultural engagement, but that we shouldn’t neglect to cultivate our uniquely Christian outlook amongst a sea of other worldviews.


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