Gold Soundz

I feel dumb. I’ve had my Audioengine A5+ speakers for over six months now. Today was the first time I tried the Bluetooth functionality. The only reason I bought the A5 model with Bluetooth was because it was fairly significantly discounted at the time. I’ve been burned by good speakers that sounded anything but when I tried them in Bluetooth mode.

So, I limited my listening to the output from my CD player and turntable. Then, something caught my eye in this post about why lossless audio is not a waste of time. 

Notably, hi-fi quality speakers, such as those from Audioengine, which offer 24-bit upsampling via Bluetooth, have set new standards in sound quality that align well with lossless audio formats.

Sure, it’s just promotion, but that line gave me hope. Could I get the kind of clarity and depth over Bluetooth that I had from my wired devices? It didn’t take me long to try it at the end of a solid work day.

My expectations were modest, but the experiment exceeded them.


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