Blame Me

This video for the song Blame Me” by Bathe Alone is described as a short film.” It’s full of symbolism depicting the recent dissolution of singer/instrumentalist Bailey Crone’s marriage, with the gleeful destruction of wedding props including the recognizable and iconic white dress. The lyrics to the song indicate infidelity, which is typically going to make a divorce less-than-amicable.

Cyndi’s right again
I told her everything
She got it all from start to end
How she just a friend

I remember when you were on my team
There wasn’t any picking
But I chose you and she chose in between, oh
It’s too late for you to change your mind
Homewrecker’s fighting for her life
And you got a weak spot for listening to lies

I hate to see these kinds of circumstances, with relationships shattered in the wake of deception. I’m thankful for music as an outlet to express the emotions that accompany betrayal, though.

Bathe Alone - Blame Me

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