Maybe You Do Need Content Moderation

X (formerly Twitter — for as long as we have to say that) is planning to open a content moderation center in Austin, TX. The focus of the center will be on CSAM.

The company’s business operations head, Joe Benarroch, told Bloomberg that the team will also help with other moderation enforcement, such as those forbidding hate speech. A content moderation job posting for X in Austin says moderators will investigate issues like spam and fraud” and provide customer support.

Reactions have been predictably skeptical. I’m actually kind of relieved, though. This gives me a glimmer of hope that Elon Musk is learning about the business of social media and planning to correct some of his early mistakes. As much as I would love it if everyone just dropped X from their lives, there are still a lot of people on the platform, so any attempt to moderate it in hopefully a fair way seems like a positive thing.


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