Iowa, You’ve Got So Much To Answer For

One of my favorite bloggers just announced that he is giving up writing about Trump. He has come to the conclusion that he’s said all he needs to say on the subject.

If any of this changes, I’ll let you know. Meanwhile, I intend to stop harping on it. As they say of sermons, nobody gets saved after the first 20 minutes,” and I’ve been going on much longer than that.

Though I haven’t been blogging about the former president, I still feel likewise. I was considering writing something about the losing streak the Republicans have been on ever since their chosen leader took office. I thought about publishing a post about the manifest reality that this is not a conservative leader, no matter how many followers consider him fit for that description. I’m going to let it go, though. People (especially outside of the U.S., I’ve noticed) don’t want to read about it. If the sermons haven’t convinced folks by now, those extra minutes aren’t going to do any good.


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