Useful Constraints

Obsidian CEO Steph Ango writes about coming up with a set of constraints that define a style. This is what I think of when I conceptualize a style guide. A useful group of guidelines that keep your work on the rails, so to speak.

Oscar Wilde once said: Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.”

When it comes to ideas, I agree — allow your mind to be changed. When it comes to process, I disagree. Style emerges from consistency, and having a style opens your imagination. Your mind should be flexible, but your process should be repeatable.

Style is a set of constraints that you stick to.

Ango reveals some of his personal guidelines in the piece.

I’m trying to work on my own style guide that allows me to explore concepts readily and throughly, without having to concern myself with the mechanics of how I will express those explorations. First, I have to settle on a workflow.

Source: Style is consistent constraint

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