Bandcamp Divestiture

Jazz Monroe covers the Bandcamp divestiture by Epic Games for P-fork. Songtradr, who acquired the beloved music company, at first blush seems like a better fit than Epic Games. Songtradr is at least another music company, and theoretically, their ability to make licensing music easier for artists could create good synergy. However, I’m still left with a sense of unease as to how the new owners might change the platform.

Asked whether artist revenue shares, user experience, or the editorial platform Bandcamp Daily will be affected by the acquisition, Songtradr declined to comment.

If, for example, the editorial content disappears, that would be a big loss. Bandcamp has some of the most relevant editorial content in the space. It leads me to buys, which is the ultimate sign of its effectiveness.

We’ll have to see if Songtradr stays as hands off with the existing Bandcamp formula as Epic was. In the worst-case scenario, if Bandcamp goes away, I would probably abandon physical media for good. That’s how dependent I am on the service.


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