Bluesky Blue

I laughed when I read Helen Lewis’ remark about Bluesky having siphoned off some of Twitter’s most emotionally dysregulated” users.

You need to know only two things about Bluesky. The first is that its users are trying to make the word skeeting happen, although it’s an even worse alternative to tweeting than Mastodon’s tooting. The second is that it operates at a high emotional pitch at all times. Whereas scrolling Twitter’s For You” tab is now like bobbing for apples in a bowl full of amateur race scientists and Roman-statue avatars lamenting that we no longer build cathedrals, the Bluesky equivalent features discussions of whether sending death threats to the site’s developers is acceptable if they really, really deserve it.

Lewis has the dubious distinction of being one of the nascent social network’s most blocked users. She’s not going to be frequenting the virtual space often. However, like me, she pokes her head in occasionally.

That’s why I enjoy sticking my nose into Bluesky and taking a deep huff every so often. It’s a walled garden for people with a mutual interest in anime genitalia and cruel jokes about Mitch McConnell. They’re happy there. You probably wouldn’t be. And that’s okay.

No, I wouldn’t be happy there, but I guess it’s okay that others enjoy the environment.

Source: The Weird, Fragmented World of Social Media After Twitter


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