June 25, 2023

Near-Death Experiences

Near-death experiences have always fascinated me — particularly when I’ve had grave illnesses like cancer and ME/CFS. Chad Ragsdale wrote about NDEs after reading Evidence of the Afterlife by Dr. Jeffrey Long. Ragsdale lists out some commonalities associated with NDEs, which have always been a source of evidence for their reality.

Most NDEs include some or all of the following elements: Out-of-body experience, heightened senses, intense positive emotions or feelings, passing into or through a tunnel, encountering a brilliant light, encountering other beings, a sense of alteration of time or space, life review, encountering unworldly realms, encountering or learning special knowledge, encountering a boundary or barrier, and a return to the body.

While many NDEs are, in their nature, religiously agnostic, the life review — which is a feature of most of these experiences — points to some beliefs of the Christian faith.


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