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Gia Margaret - Romantic PianoGia Margaret - Romantic Piano

Gia Margaret caught my ear a few years ago, after she contracted a vocal illness that forced her to create instrumental music for her second album. I was mesmerized by the ambient track Body” and the accompanying video.

Margaret just dropped a new album entitled Romantic Piano. It still follows a pattern of going light on the vocals. When it appears, her voice is treated almost like one of the other instruments.

After a long vocal hiatus following her illness in 2019, it is even clearer here that Margaret uses her voice as another instrument, a textured layer of warmth over sparse piano. I can almost feel you,” she sings on an exhale as if the words spill out as merely a side effect of breathing.

On the track La langue d’lamitié,” a collaboration with Pedro The Lion’s Dave Bazan, Margaret affects a sound that comes across as lo-fi with a bit more to ponder. The song ends with a sample concluding that music is a language of feeling.” Indeed.


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