🎵 New Beginning

In this retro-futuristic video, the members of Automatic live through the final days on Earth and are transported to locations that look like they came from the original Star Trek TV series. In their new home, they make do with gardening, liquid food and excursions in outer space ensconced in protective bubbles. Meanwhile, they are making time to rock and sing about the traveling far away in the service of desire.”

Automatic evokes the simplicity of the sixties while bringing in some of the 90s K Records and Teen Beat sounds. Stereolab would be another appropriate aesthetic comparison, even if their Moogs were used quite differently. Automatic utilize a bass, synth and drums combo, which works really well to establish pop hooks that are interesting but never sound cliché. If this is what escaping to space sounds like, I’m there.

friday night video noise

Made with in North Carolina
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