QA Attitude

Emi Nietfeld writes for The Atlantic about how you might regret it if you resign your position at work. One of the women she profiled in the story was in quality assurance when she decided to join the great resignation.

When I asked Mativetsky if she grieves for her old work, she seemed to fight back tears. When it’s nice out, I still go eat outside with my old co-workers.” Despite interesting freelance assignments, she misses her colleagues and the thrill of fixing crises. When you’re in quality assurance, everything is critical, critical, critical,” she said. You complain about it, but you love it.”

I found this interesting. As someone who worked in QA for over a decade, I have the opposite feeling. I always wanted to plan things out so that, to the extent that it was possible, nothing critical crept up on us. My general principle is that hypertension is something you want to avoid.

The False Promise of the Great Resignation’


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