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Yesterday, pleased with the new Bear Notes beta, I tried blogging with that tool. I love Bear, and while the new version doesn’t deviate from the old in a lot of ways, its new functionality makes an already capable and delightful app even more useful. I’m especially appreciative of the way that the Bear team made YAML front matter a first-class citizen in version 2.0. That addition makes blogging with Blot a lot easier.

With the new Bear app, I can keep my notes about everything — including blog ideas — in one tool. I’m a notetaker at heart, so it makes sense for my blog posts to live in the same app in which I am taking notes. Unfortunately, yesterday, as I used the app to write and then publish a blog post, I realized something disappointing. It became obvious to me, when correcting a few grammatical mistakes and typos, that I need the power of Ulysses’ text checker to review my blog posts before I publish them. Otherwise, I just miss problems that should be fairly obvious catches. This is one of the pitfalls of the democratization of speech and the easy reach of the internet — we can reach the world from our bedrooms, but there are typically no editors to point out mistakes in our messages.

I thought I would have to give up on Bear for my blog posts until I realized that I had been using the Grammarly plugin in VS Code to review my posts before sending them out to my git repository, where they are picked up by Blot. Unfortunately, that doesn’t allow me to catch typos and grammatical mistakes on my iOS devices and means that my workflow is superior when I’m on my Mac. What to do…

I did some research and found out that Grammarly has apps for MacOS and iOS. The app integrates well into programs like Bear. It seems my problems may be solved.


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