The Sweetest Setup

I often think to myself that the one gap in my workflow that I’d most like to close is the inability to highlight articles on my reader and have those sync to a note-taking app. Well, Mike Schmitz found a way around this with the new Onyx Boox Tab Ultra. The device is an e-ink tablet running the Android OS. As hard as that is for me to imagine, it seems the device is quite capable (although it probably isn’t a direct substitute for something like an iPad).

Schmitz uses the tablet for Obsidian and Readwise Reader, two apps that make up my read + capture workflow.1

The best part: the e-ink display has filters to eliminate all the blue light from the device, making it the perfect tool for doing some catch-up reading at the end of the day before I go to bed. As an added bonus, all the highlights I make as I’m reading articles and newsletters in Reader automatically sync to my Readwise account as well, so they’re easier to find later.

My iPad and my Kindle are my wind down devices, but I would love to combine my most used features of each into one tablet.

A Mindfulness Monday Review of the Onyx Boox Tab Ultra | The Sweet Setup

  1. Although I’m using Matter rather than Reader right now, but that’s mainly because it can push articles to an e-ink device.↩︎


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