The Process of Debranding

There is a lot to relate to in this post about the process of debranding by Simone Silvestroni. Like many, Silvestroni bought into the hype around building a personal brand and constructing a web presence to go with it but eventually started shedding some of the baggage.

I refactored my website. In line with my long-time interest in degrowth, I ditched Wordpress opting for a static site instead. The choice alone caused a shrink in size by almost 90%. Then, I removed the obligatory redundant huge headers featuring wasteful big images (impactful!). Stopped looking for the perfect elevator pitch because I gave up the idea that I should be selling something at all costs. I joined the Indieweb.

I never got into the branding craze and still, I have come to the same conclusions discussed in this piece. I prefer static websites to those with a CMS. I stopped using images for most of my posts. I’ve even been thinking about giving up on the newsletter. RSS is still one of my favorite technologies. The freedom to put your thoughts out there without too many impediments is one of the greatest benefits of the digital age, but you don’t have to develop a monetization mindset around that freedom.

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