Parenting With Music

Back to the subject of stagnant musical tastes and music was better back then,” Ajay Kalia from Spotify writes about the music tastes of parents for his blog, Skynet and Ebert. Kalia looks at listening trends and has identified an inflection point where most people stop listening to much new music: when they become parents. This transition to parenthood is marked by a sudden uptick in listening to children’s music.

However, one in particular is something we can identify — when a user starts listening to large amounts of children’s music. Or in other words, when someone has become a parent.

Apparently, after this transition, things are never the same. Reading this piece made me wonder if the reason I’m still seeking out new music is that I never made that transition. After my first son was born, I just kept listening to the things I was listening to before I was a dad (aside from something like Rockabye Baby: Lullaby Renditions of The Cure). No dad rock, no kid’s bop. Does this make me a lesser parent?


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