Living Together

Tish Harrison Warren makes some important points about what it means to try to compromise in a pluralistic society.

Though what the courts decide on these issues is important, the courts alone cannot teach us to be good neighbors to one another across deep difference. That is a lesson that we must each take up. We must not demonize or seek to dominate those with whom we disagree. We must learn to live together and wade into complex social issues with mutual charity.

It bears repeating (maybe over and over again) that characterizing people who disagree with us as haters is a tear in the fabric of a civilized society. It has allowed resentment and hostility to take root in places where there once existed a much more cooperative and gentle spirit. Many times, it is no longer enough to simply argue your point and agree to disagree. You have to demonize anyone who doesn’t hold with your views and define them in the worst possible terms.

On a side note, I didn’t think I would be considering a subscription to the New York Times, but they’ve had a lot of good content lately and present a healthy diversity of thoughtful opinions about complex subjects.


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