December 26, 2022

Inner World Peace

Frankie Cosmos - Inner World PeaceFrankie Cosmos - Inner World Peace

I have this elaborate fantasy where I’m at an airport and I run into Kevin Kline. Even my fantasy life has to pick the most likely place to meet a celebrity. Usually, if I see a celebrity somewhere, my modus operandi is not to bother them or stare. However, I know how much people take pride in their kids. So I approach Mr. Kline. He’s totally expecting me to say something like, I really loved you in A Fish Called Wanda or you were delightful in I Love You To Death.” and instead I tell him that I really like the new Frankie Cosmos stuff. He’s blown away, because he’s not used to strangers recognizing him for his daughter Greta’s band. We talk for a while about indie pop while we wait for our respective planes to get to the gate.

Some adjectives that come to mind when I think about Frankie Cosmos are gentle and cute. Those words can obscure the craftsmanship in the songs, which contain little intricacies, though. Aftershock,” a track from their latest album, Inner World Peace has starts, stops, weird time signatures and changes that would make any prog-rock aficionado proud. The video for Aftershock” is as delightfully quirky as the band themselves.


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