December 12, 2022

Dark Mode

I’ve recently been going through a lot of mental back and forth about having a dark mode on my blog. I tend to think light mode looks better and is more readable, but I want be accommodating and accessible. Kev Quirk examines the claim that dark mode is easier on your eyes.

Humans have evolved to hunt during the day. On a biological level, our eyes prefer the contrast between a light background and dark foreground. When I was in the military, a key tactic of camouflage was to never, under any circumstances, expose yourself on a hilltop or similar, where your silhouette could be easily identified. A dark blob on a light background is far easier for the human eye to see, than the reverse.

Quirk looks at the benefits of dark mode in a few areas:

  • readability
  • eye strain
  • battery life

He comes to the conclusion that dark mode may have a slight benefit in battery life, but not anywhere else.

Is Dark Mode Good For Your Eyes?


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