Star Wars: An Epic Poem

Jack Mitchell brings to us The Odyssey of Star Wars, an epic poem in blank verse.

My latest and most ambitious literary project is The Odyssey of Star Wars, a retelling of the original Star Wars film trilogy in blank verse (unrhymed iambic pentameter, the meter of Milton). It was published on 28 September 2021 by Abrams Image, an imprint of Abrams Books, and is available to order.

I have a copy of Star Wars done as an Elizabethan drama from Shakespeare, and though I’ve never read it all the way through, I enjoy the stylistic illustrations. Still, I’m tempted to put this new book on my Christmas list.

Star Wars related: The Wooszoo Etsy shop has prints of Star Wars action figures (more recent than the ones from my youth) frozen in blocks of ice and set against blackboards explaining pieces of their background. They are amazing.


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