October 25, 2022

Text Manipulation

Stephan Ango, who created the excellent new default Obsidian theme for the 1.0 launch (as well as the Minimal theme) writes about how text manipulation tools are in their infancy. Ango envisions that there will be much more we can do with text, in the same way that we can do so much with photos now.

Today there are useful tools that build on spellcheckers to help you improve clarity, grammar, tone — but these are rudimentary compared to the new capabilities that are being developed. Text filters will allow you to paraphrase text, so that you can switch easily between styles of prose: literary, technical, journalistic, legal, and more. You will be able to easily change an entire story chapter from first person to third person narration, or transform narrative descriptions into dialogue.

It’s an exciting time to be a digital packrat who likes to capture and share.

Photoshop For Text | Stephan Ango


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