September 7, 2022

Amor Fati

DHH from 37Signals, who is not a believer, writes about nihilism and God’s will. Nietzsche promoted the idea of Amor Fati (love your fate). Heinemeier Hanson relishes the idea of intellectual surrender that comes from faith. He brings in Kierkegaard’s leap of faith concept.

God’s will as a concept is a scalable form of Amor Fati. That’s just a fascinating frame of focus for looking at culture and meaning.

No matter if that very same social software also includes many core functions and routines that have lost all trace to their original context and purpose. And is clearly misfiring in other significant ways.

But even those misfires have to be compared to the ones sputtering out of the modern religious recreations. Be that Wokeness or MAGA. It’s hard to create a somewhat coherent religion with overall better outcomes for more people than the systems that have been refined for thousands of years. I know hope springs eternal, and hubris (sic) with it, but still.

This is something I think about a lot. Historical religions have been practiced and debated for thousands of years. The modern schools of thought that have replaced them are comparatively in their infancy.

God’s Will


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