I was really inspired by this tweet from Dr. Indigo Willing. She picked up skateboarding at 41, after getting her PhD. I traded my regular skateboard in for a cruiser at 40, so I wouldn’t be tempted to do tricks. Now, I suffer from post-exertional malaise, but would love to take up casual skating again. I hope I can get past the fatigue and try some of what Dr. Willing is demoing here again.

Started skating at 41 as a mum, just after getting PhD - turning 50 next month. Super stoked, it’s the most fun decade of my life. A bit optimistic but want nice kickflip and maybe tre flip next decade 🙂Who knows? Every trick or goal is just ‘something you haven’t got yet’ 🤔💕 pic.twitter.com/CoXmaPCn4l

— Dr Indigo Willing (@indigowilling) September 22, 2021

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