Spencer Kornhaber writes for the Atlantic about how the Mandolorian brings back the Star Wars universe that feels real. One of the biggest faults of the prequels, the premise of which doomed them from the start, was how they were conceived to fill those mysterious holes that appeared in the original trilogy. 

Lucas makes movies that are intentionally designed to have holes in them that need to be filled later,’ the producer Brian Volk-Weiss says in the oral history. He’s right except for one thing: Do they need to be filled in? Many a mediocre Star Wars product has arisen from trying to define every entry in the galactic glossary. The original films work precisely because of the holes.“

Even the Disney sequel films suffered from this inclination to reveal all. As much as I wanted to see the enigmatic Knights of Ren that were hinted at in The Force Awakens, I couldn’t help but be disappointed when they actually appeared on screen. Those who have a hand in creating Star Wars properties need to know that the audience should be afforded some allowance to use their imaginations.

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