Prayers Over Facebook

Facebook has been quietly rolling out a prayer post feature that will let users post prayer requests. The slow roll includes targeting particular users (ones who make their religious preferences fairly apparent, I would imagine). Once the request is posted, other users can respond to the request for prayer.

Other members can then click a pray” button to let the original poster know they have prayed for their request. They also can choose a reaction, leave a comment or send a private message to the poster.

I’m usually fairly critical of Facebook, but I like this new feature. As someone who regularly asks for prayers, if I were a Facebook user, I could see myself using it. The RNS piece mentions the feature coming out of the different ways people were connecting with each other over Facebook during the isolation of the pandemic. Presumably, conversations about prayer was a way people frequently communicated, leading to the idea of a specific feature.

It makes me happy to see Facebook letting people bring their faith to the platform in meaningful ways.

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