Got Nothing To Prove

I want to pose something to others who are writing on the internet. You don’t have to write think pieces to refute bald-faced lies. If someone tells you the sky is green and you can easily determine that it is blue, you do not bear the burden of proving the sky is blue. Particularly if the person saying it is green is known for nothing so much as the outrageous and provably false lies they constantly tell.

Sometimes it feels like we’re in a constant loop of the attic scene in Goonies where they call Chunk out on all of his dishonesty. “Even more amazing than the time Michael Jackson came over to your house to use the bathroom” could easily be a more benign version of “even more amazing than the time Obama somehow had Trump tower bugged,” or “even more amazing than the time you claimed the Central Park 5 were guilty even after they were exonerated beyond a shadow of a doubt?” The constant string of lie after lie does not then put the reasonable, honest people in the position of countering the false narratives.

Turn off the microphones. Dim the lights and shut off the cameras. Ignore the impromptu landscaping sex shop “press conferences.” There’s nothing more to see here.

Robert Rackley @rcrackley
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