Pandemics Can’t Kill Vinyl

After Amazon stopped shipping vinyl records, in the spring, to prioritize orders of more critical goods, I wondered about how the record industry would fare. Several months later, I have my answer. Amidst a pandemic, sales of records are still climbing.

“But the demand for vinyl records was too strong to keep the industry down. Manufacturing quickly got back to normal, and, in the US, 2020 unit sales are up over 17% from 2019. The appeal of the record, with its tangibility, beauty and history, just keeps on growing.”

Not only have we been going through a pandemic, but manufacturing vinyl has become more difficult with the loss of several facilities that are critical parts of the supply chain. I can attest that it may be taking longer to get your records in the mail, but at least some of them are still worth awaiting with bated breath.

This should be the next record coming to my house. Nuances by Softer Still came out in 2018, but was just pressed on wax. Having listened to it during the last couple of years, I was able to buy it in compete confidence that it was a dream pop masterpiece.

Robert Rackley @rcrackley
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