UBI in Stockton

It’s good to see early results in some experiments with universal basic income. I’m especially interested in seeing how can the implementation of such programs can break the cycle of poverty.

In Stockton, CA, those who qualified for the program were given $500 a month.

After talking to researchers and social workers about the program, Paradela felt a little more confident. And when the money finally showed up that first month, “it came just in time,” she said: Her car battery had died, and she needed money to fix it. A few months later, her car was hit by a driver making an illegal U-turn. If the vehicle stayed out of commission, she wouldn’t be able to get to work, or visit her mother in the hospital down in Hollister.

Alleviating the stress of the unknowns that can put someone into a viscous cycle is a laudable goal in itself. That alone seems like something that could have a huge impact in quality of life for those who are just getting by.

Robert Rackley @rcrackley
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