I Found A Reason (to use Twitter)

With the introduction of the Feedbin client for iOS, which mirrors the new design of the Feedbin web app, I think I may have found my Twitter sweet spot.

Feedbin has had top notch integration with Twitter for some time, allowing you to follow users as if they had RSS feeds (which Twitter did have, in the early days). For tweets with links, Feedbin includes the content of the article to which the tweet links.

Feedbin also includes handy buttons for viewing the Twitter conversation without leaving the app, or for opening the tweet in the Twitter app on iOS (useful for replying).

Some of my favorite users to follow on Twitter are those that provide links to good content. Of course, the title of this post was somewhat facetious, as many people use Twitter in different ways. For me, though, using Twitter through Feedbin feels ideal. The opportunity to get great content from those who use the platform as their primary sharing mechanism, without having to get swept away by the stream, is immensely valuable.

Robert Rackley @rcrackley
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