Progressive Christians and the Bible

Chaplain Mike writes on Richard Beck’s observations about the relationship of progressive Christians to the Bible.

First, he finds many of them fragile when it comes to the Bible. They are fearful and suspicious when approaching scripture. Their first instinct is to find what’s problematic in the Bible. They miss the joy of scripture. They approach it as skeptics first, mistrustful of what they are going to find, already leaning toward a conclusion that the Bible has been used in so many harmful ways over the course of history that one must first deconstruct it before finding anything of value in it.

I don’t dispute this phenomena, nor do I find it to be universally true. Chaplain Mike himself being an example of someone deeply attached to scripture. However, he and Beck consider themselves “post-progressive” and perhaps they have adopted this moniker partially to highlight their biblical fidelity.

Robert Rackley @rcrackley
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