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For those who are creating on the web and even monetizing their creative output, Richard MacManus - @ricmac - has had some appealing content recently. His interview with Jason Kottke dives into the journey Kottke has gone through in his 20+ years of blogging. I probably don’t need to do too much to recommend Kottke’s blog, as it already seems to have such a broad following. I will say I’ve been reading the blog for years and he consistently has a variety of interesting posts. The posts on the popular blogger’s site range from topics like maps of fairyland to the life changing magic of the $15 minimum wage. The interview with MacManus touches on where blogging stands in the current landscape of the web and gives insight into Kottke’s view of things as a veteran of the medium. I have to admit, though, I never pictured Kottke looking the way he does in the picture that accompanies the interview.

Another fascinating interview is with Cherie Hu, who runs the newsletter Water + Music. I’ve been reading Water + Music for the past year and have been impressed by the level of professionalism and angle of the content. The newsletter reads like a trade magazine about music and new media. Hu is definitely someone to watch and MacManus lets the interview run a bit longer than usual to get a fuller scope of her thoughts.

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